Welcome to Simply Kizzy…

Hi, I’m Kizzy, a mum of 3 who for as long as I can remember has wanted to learn how to live well alongside nature.

How it all began

My journey started when I discovered the wonders of essential oils and natural remedies during my teens. I left school and trained to be a beauty therapist, discovering a whole new side to how we can incorporate nature into our overall well being.

I studied aromatherapy during my second year and gained valuable knowledge that I could incorporate into my treatments.

Growing into herbalism

I then discovered herbalism and herbal remedies. Cultivating, harvesting and treating common ailments with natural ingredients fitted in with my ethos so I decided to study this further. I completed my Master Herbalist course recently which has greatly developed my knowledge and understanding of the plants that populate our gardens, hedgerows and beyond.

What is Simply Kizzy about?

Simply Kizzy is my place to share what I have learnt and hopefully help you understand how we can live alongside nature. At the moment many of us are taking far more from our environment than we need to. By understanding how this impact affects us as well as the creatures and plants that live alongside us we can hopefully rebalance this and live in harmony.

I will be sharing information, recipes, safety tips and much more about sustainability, natural wellbeing and healthy living.

Coming very soon will be a range of ebooks, courses and products to help you start to live a healthy lifestyle using nature in everything you do.

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