Sunday Faves 15th December

I’m sure everyone is up to their elbows in decorating and wrapping but I have a confession to make. We’ve still not put up our tree. The plan was to put it up yesterday, but it just didn’t happen so I’m hoping we might get it up tomorrow.

I’ve been a bit lax with blogging over the past two weeks as I started a new writing gig. Not entirely sure it is the type of writing I really want to be doing but sometimes we have to put ourselves out there and see what comes of it.

I’m just hoping that over the next couple of weeks things fall into a routine. I’m looking forward to spending loads of time with my family, not doing much except enjoying their company.

Here are this week’s faves:

Reading Challenges

2020 Reading Challenge

I seem to go in and out of reading. What I mean is I love books but I find that I have periods when I read loads and then other times where I don’t pick up a book for ages. Having a reading challenge is a perfect way to keep me focused on reading regularly and finding new books and authors to read too.

Corisa over at PNW Pixie has created a pinnable reading challenge list, I’m thinking of joining in with this one.

Less is more

Embracing less this Christmas

Christmas can be a time where we can spend lots of money on things we think people want. It can also be a time where we over-indulge, buying far too much food and drink and wasting much of it.

This year, I feel a bit different about Christmas. I’m not stressing about the kids having everything, my family will get gifts they want and need. We’re not going to buy in loads of food that won’t get eaten. Someone else who feels the same is Jen over at Little Birdie. She’s shared her embracing less at Christmas ideas over there this week.

Christmas Scent

Diffuser blends for the festive season

I have loved essential oils and aromatherapy since I was a teen. Using an old oil burner I would diffuse oils in my room, changing the fragrance depending on the season and my mood.

One scent that has always reminded me of Christmas is Cinnamon. It takes me right back and gives me that Chrismassy feeling whenever I smell it. If you’re looking for some diffusing blends for the festive season AromaWeb has a great list of oils and blends you can use.

Have a great week, hopefully, I’ll have my tree up before next Sunday’s post!

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