Sunday Faves December 8th

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Another week and still no decorations in our house. Unlike many people this year I have always been a 2 weekends before Christmas kind of girl. It has nothing to do with me not liking Christmas, I love the holiday season. No, it is more to do with the little space we have and this year, the fact we have 2 kittens/cats who are no doubt going to wreak it once it is up.

Coming this week on the site is a round-up of some of my favourite homemade decorations. I was hoping to create some tutorials myself but work, freelancing, and the family have all taken precedence.

On to this week’s faves…

All wrapped up

Sustainable Wrapping

Last week I shared a post about different wrapping ideas and how to regift items as well as stories. Well during my reading time this past week, I stumbled across another sustainable wrapping post from the beautiful site that is Homes To Love.

This post shares 7 different styles of sustainable and stylish wrapping ideas including fabric and baubles!

Eco Gifting

Eco stocking stuffers

Another post I want to do for here in the UK but again we’ll have to see if I have time! So, as inspiration for all of you looking for eco gifts to give this festive season, Going Zero Waste has shared 40 stocking stuffers.

This is a gift guide based in the US, but I still wanted to share it as it has some amazing ideas of gifts you can give and you will no doubt be able to find here in the UK too.



I love this time of year but for many, the free-flowing alcohol can be a big issue. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a glass or two at least once a week but I haven’t been a big drinker since I’ve had the children.

Last New Year’s Eve I did go a bit overboard and it reminded me why I no longer drink like that! So, if you’re like me and are looking for some alcohol-free drinks this festive season, then this delicious sounding root beer recipe from Backyard Patch Herbal may be perfect.

Have a great week…

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