Sunday Faves December 1st

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December. Yes, you read that right. We are now in December. The month of excessive spending and general happiness to all. Except for this year, I won’t be the one spending excessively.

I will be the one making my own gifts for family and friends. I will be buying one main gift for my three and possibly a couple of smaller but necessary gifts.

This time of year it can be so easy to get caught up in the moment and think that the amount of presents under the tree is more important than the thought that goes into them and the people who gave them.


regifting this chirstmas

So, what are you’re thoughts on regifting? I’m sure every year you receive something that you didn’t really want or need and it ends up in a cupboard gathering dust. You don’t want to return it. So, what do you do with it?

Regifting is an idea that some of us may frown upon. Yet, it is the perfect solution to reduce clutter and also make someone else happy. There are some rules around regifting you do need to consider and over on Gratitude they share the best round up of rules I’ve read yet.

Whilst we are on the theme of regifting, I loved this post on how writing is regifting, such an interesting idea.


friendship is a gift

Having friends is such an important part of life and today in our connected lifestyles friendship should be easy. Yet, many of us find that finding and nurturing friendships can be hard.

I read this lovely post this week from over on Her View From Home and it really made me rethink how friendships work and how I see them.

Friendships can come in many different guises and work in many different ways but all friendships are important. No matter how little you see someone, having a friend, especially at this time of the year may be the one thing that’s helping them get through the day.


Eco wrapping this festive season

After reading that normal wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, I have decided this year we are going to wrap all of our presents in brown paper decorated for each receiver individually so they know it is theirs. But if you are looking for ideas on ways to wrap your presents, this posts over on Eco Thrifty Living is what you need to read.

There are so many different ideas. Plus she has a great series on other ways to reduce and recycle this festive season.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks round-up of posts and enjoy the first week of the festive season. Don’t burn out too fast with all that holiday cheer thought…

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