Sunday Faves November 24th

Yet another rollercoaster of a week over here. It seems like the universe is sending over everything before the turn of a new decade. I one way at least I can hopefully get it all out of the way before the New Year and be able to start afresh.

Even though the universe seems to be testing me at every step, and some of it is down to my own doing. I feel ok about everything. I don’t feel stressed or scared.

It seems to me that the more we are tested, the stronger we become. Or the less we care!

Before we start with my Sunday faves, let me tell you how the meal planning went. Shopping with a list worked really well, and buying enough food so I didn’t keep popping into the shops really cut down the amount of money I spent. Yet, the actual meal plan didn’t really work out. I think from now on I need to have a rough idea of the meals I want to make but allow for changes and not beat myself up about it.

This week’s Sunday Faves…

Sustainable Christmas Decorations

Sustainable Chrismtas Decorations

I have been researching decorations we can make to reduce our waste this festive season as well as to save money. Using things from nature in our home to make it feel festive is something many of us do. I love the smell of pine needles and eucalyptus as well as the sight of pine cones surrounding candle centrepieces.

One post I stumbled upon this past week that really caught my eye and imagination was from Urban Naturale. It shares everything decoration you could possibly want or need this Christmas and is all made from natural or recycled items. Perfect for our Eco Christmas.

The meaning of Christmas

True meaing of Christmas

Can you see a theme to this week’s faves? I may be pinning my hopes on a quiet festive period to get me over all the stress these past few weeks have given me. Part of our Christmas celebrations is creating traditions for our family. Some of the ones we carry out are ones my parents created for me whilst others are ones we’ve created as a family which I hope they will pass down too.

But I also like to understand why we celebrate the festive season with the rituals and symbols we do. Green Global Travel shared a really interesting post listing the meaning behind 20 of the symbols we associate with Christmas.

Family Film Night

Family Film Night

This doesn’t happen as often as I would like but I love a good family film night. FInding a film we all want to watch can be difficult but this weeks choice was the easiest we’ve had in a long while.

I have seen quite a bit of hype around this new Netflix Christmas film, and after watching their one last year, The Christmas Chronicles as a family and thoroughly enjoying it we thought we’d give this year’s a go.

Klaus is an animated movie about how the letter to Santa really began. When a selfish postman turns up on a remote island with the task of delivering 6000 letters in a year to allow him to return home, he has to come up with a plan fast. He befriends a recluse toymaker and their friendship changes the lives of the people on the island as well as their own.

This film is perfect for all the family and will leave you with a warm glow inside.

Have a great week…

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