Apricot and Lemon Lip Balm

Looking for a great small gift to make for someone special? Lip balms are perfect. They’re easy to make, cost hardly anything and last a long time. This Apricot and Lemon Lip Balm will leave any lips smooth and soft for hours.

Our lips are one area many of us forget to moisturise until its too late. Especially during the cold winter months. Our lips crack and split and become sore and that’s when we act.

If we used lip balm regularly, then our lips wouldn’t have the opportunity to dry out and become sore.

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Another way to help reduce the risk of our lips cracking is to exfoliate them regularly. You can do this with either an old toothbrush or a small amount of sugar. Try doing this once a week and after a month you should see a huge difference to the texture and feel of your lips.

Lip balms are so easy to make and as I said earlier, they keep for ages. This makes them a perfect gift idea for our Handmade Christmas series. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing lots of ideas of things you can make to reduce your costs for this festive season. As well as reducing the impact Christmas has on the environment.

Apricot and Lemon Lip Balm

handmade christmas lip balm



  1. Over a pan of boiling water, place a bowl and add the beeswax to melt. Once melted add in the kernel oil and calendula oil.
  2. Remove from the heat whilst stirring. Add the essential oil once the liquid has partly cooled.
  3. Store in a small pot.

As with all homemade items, especially beauty products, please test on a small area prior to use. Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, especially nuts as this recipe contains nut oils.

If you want to make more products for yourself or as gifts, pop over to the wellbeing section of the blog to find more recipes.

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