Sunday Faves November 17th

This week has been a rollercoaster.

First off our poorly car has had to go to the garage and needs too much done to put it through it’s MOT. This has left us carless but luckily I have a great family who helps us out more than they should.

Yet, by Friday things seemed to be looking up. I have decided to branch out and use the degree I earned 2 years ago and restart my writing services. To kick start it I have been looking on local job sites for remote writing jobs. There are few on there so if you are looking for writing gigs check them out.

I applied for a couple and one wanted a sample article. SO I popped that over to them Friday morning and they liked it. Now I’m writing for them. First client secured.

Certainly a week of two halves.

This week’s faves…

Eco Christmas

Zero Waste Christmas with The Fairly Local Vegan

I touched on this subject in my post last week and I am going to be sharing with you some great upcycled decoration ideas and gifts you can make to give to your loved ones over the next few weeks.

This video I am about to share is from The Fairly Local Vegan. I have followed for quite a while. She shares some amazing content and this round-up of Zero Waste Christmas Gifts is perfect for anyone looking to give gifts that don’t affect the environment.

Natural Mumma

Gift ideas for Natural Mumma's - Just A Simple Home

Following on from the last post, this post from Just a Simple Home shares a round-up of natural products that can be gifted to those mumma’s who love things that are all-natural and low impact on our environment. I am hoping to do an equivalent one of product available here in the UK too.

Meal Planning

Meal Planning with Fun Cheap and Free

Not again. This must be the third time I have shared something to do with meal planning in these round-up posts.

I know I keep on saying I hate being constrained but over the past month I haven’t been doing a weekly shop and I have been spending far too much on food. We need to cut down if I am to really kick start my writing business as I will be dropping some hours at my other job to give me time to grow.

Fun Cheap and Free is a site I stumbled upon yesterday as I was looking for inspiration on how to restart meal planning. She has an amazing site full of information on saving money and this post shared how she meal plans for her family of 8, which is soon to be 10!

If you’re interested in seeing my meal planning, I will be sharing it over on Instagram tomorrow and then in the future, I may share what has worked for me and what hasn’t as I know there will be tears!

Have a great week…

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