Simply Remember: October

Looking back over the past month is the perfect way to document and remember. It can be so easy to forget those small details. So by simply remembering them in a blog post, I can look back. Plus share them with you too.

It’s been a while since I shared one of these posts. June was the last month I documented. Partly because I had a break from writing. Yet, also because I wasn’t sure if this was the way I wanted this blog to go.

I touched on this in a recent post, but I have settled on simply writing like no one is reading (which you hopefully are) and writing what I feel like.

So back to the round-up posts of those small moments that are so easy to forget.

Simple Remember: October

autumn walk - simply remember


October always signals the start of my favorite season. The colours, the cooling weather and of course Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. Well, it wouldn’t be October if I didn’t mention those now would it.

I’m really missing walking Abbie in the autumn leaves. I really thought it would start to get a bit easier now, but things like the changing season really hit home that she’s no longer with us.

I must admit I haven’t been out walking as much since she started to deteriorate and my body is really starting to show it. A new puppy might be on the cards in the near future. To fill the void and to increase my exercise!


home renovations

The ceiling in the boy’s room has been sagging for the past few years. Finally, this month we got it fixed. Plus, they got it redecorated and a new carpet.

Add to this a new kitchen last month and a new floor, the rest of the house is looking a bit sad. So, over the next few months, we will be tacking the decoration in the rest of the house. It never ends does it!


book research

October has been the month for researching my NaNoWriMo novel. In the past, I have written thrillers but I felt like tackling a new project this time. But with a new genre, research is involved.

Each genre has it’s own rules and as a writer, you can either stick to them or make slight changes as long as you understand why those tropes are used.

This novel is more of a mainstream fiction featuring a female protagonist who is leaving one life behind for another. So, I needed to read some books to help me with setting it in this new genre.

I also started watching a new series on Netflix (well new to me). It is based on a novel which I have in the pipeline to read this month. Chesapeake Shores. It is a very similar concept to my story but that is as far as the similarities go.

Keep an eye out for some book reviews this month to get a feel for what I’ve been reading all in aid of research!

Have a great November…

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