Sunday Faves – November 2nd

It’s November.

The month of dark nights, fireworks and not quite being Christmas yet!

I always look forward to three months that run-up to Christmas. The changing colours of autumn in October. Then the dark nights and colder days of November. Then onto the festive cheer of December.

This year is going to be the first year in 14 that none of my three will be appearing in a nativity, a carol concert or a Christmas performance.

It’s a good job my niece started school this year to make up for it!

Let’s get on with what I’ve been reading this week which I thought you might enjoy too…

Interior Inspiration

Now Halloween is out of the way, it’s far too early to start decorating for Christmas. So what do you do? You start to introduce the festive cheer but in a very subtle way.

The Inspired Room shares a round-up of beautiful interior inspiration perfect for November. From wicker basket walls to chunky cable knit blankets, everything you need to feel cosy and warm. Perfect ahead of the sparkle and shine of the festive period.

Budget Shopping the French Way

If you read my post last Sunday, you’ll know I have a love-hate relationship with meal planning. Well, I think I may have found a solution. Cupcakes and Cashmere shared a post this past week about an experiment she carried out with her food shopping.

She tried out shopping for her meals daily rather than doing a big weekly shop. You might think that this would actually cost more than a big shop but in her breakdowns, she has saved money.

There are only the two of them so I’m not entirely sure how this will work out with a family but it’s worth a try.

Low Carbon Bees

It’s always great to see companies giving something back to the community. But find a company that’s giving something back to the environment and that’s more of a rarity.

Low Carbon have created a managed bee hive site on the grounds of their solar plans. SO not only do they create greener energy, but they are now also helping to increase the biodiversity of the area too.

Inspire Create Educate shared a full post on how this company is helping to reduce its carbon footprint as a company.

Here’s to a great week…

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