Oreo and Bailey Turn 1

Oreo and Bailey Cuddling

If you follow my Instagram account you may have seen Oreo and Bailey pop up in my feed from time to time.

These two little rascals entered our lives in February. They had been found on the side of a very busy main road. Cruelly they were left in their cat carrier with the door open by someone who no longer wanted them.

They were just 4 months old.

Needless to say, they were both very timid and took a long time to come around.

When we took them to the vets for the first time to get them checked out, we asked how old they were. He said he thought they were about 4 months old. That made their birthday around Halloween.

So that is the day we are celebrating them!

Today, they turn 1.

It amazes me how different their characters are, even though they are brothers and they have both had the same experiences in life.

Oreo is carefree, playful and a massive hunter. This past weekend he brought in a raven he had caught to show us (poor thing).

Bailey, on the other hand, is more conservative, jumpy but equally as good a hunter like his brother.

Most mornings I have to rescue a couple of mice from certain death and rehome them in the field opposite our house.

Oreo and Bailey turn 1

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