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Review: Humble Body Wash and Body Lotion

Looking for a great body wash and cream that has natural ingredients, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly packaging. Then check out Humble Body Wash and Body Lotion.

As lovely as it would be to be able to create all of your own products, not everyone has the time to do this. But finding great sustainable and eco-friendly products can be difficult. That’s where this blog comes in. We’ll be sharing some of our favourite products so you can choose one that suits you without having to try them all.


Humble is the brainchild of TV presenter Kate Humble. After searching for products that are both natural and biodegradable, she drew a blank and decided to create her own range.

All of the packaging used is from recycled materials and once you have finished using it, the packaging can be recycled again.

Humble Body Wash with Sweet Pea and Verbena

All of Humbles products use English honey as an active ingredient. This light body wash is scented with a fresh floral fragrance which fills the bathroom even after you’ve finished your bath or shower.

It is quite a runny body wash, I recommend using it with a wash pouff so you don’t use too much and waste it by spilling into the bottom of your shower or bath.

With a deep yellow colour, the body wash lathers up to a good foam. This leaves your skin with a light scent and feels soft to the touch.

Humble Body Lotion with Rose and Frankincense

Again like the body wash, English honey is used to create this deeply moisturising body lotion. With the floral and musky notes of Rose and Frankincense, this body lotion leaves your skin with a light scent. As well as super smooth to the touch.

Applied after using the Humble Body Wash, the two scents work well together. Rather than drowning each other out, the complement each other.

Currently, these are the only two scents that Humble offer. Included in the ranges are hand washes, bath honey, hand cream and lotion.

I was lucky enough to receive these two products as birthday presents. These products are available from Amazon, TK Maxx and many other distributors.

Bath Time Bliss with Eco friendly beauty products
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