Simply Remember: June

June has to be one of my favourite months of the year. That’s because it’s my birth month! Plus it means we are half way through the year. Also Summer is right around the corner and with it those long summer holidays where the kids get to be kids are do what they want. But before we get to that, I want to remember June.

birthdays - june


Not only was it my birthday, but it was my littlest’s 11th birthday too as well as my Mum’s and aunties. I was spoilt rotten by both my family and friends, new clothes, new garden lights (coming soon when we finish our garden), new beauty products (review on its way) plus lots of gin!

To celebrate my little man’s day, he got to choose what we did. He asked if we could go bowling and pick up a KFC on the way home to eat at his nana’s so he could also use his new scooter ramps.

summer solstice - june


The summer solstice is on June 21st, the longest day of the year and each year I look forward to this day. It signals the start of summer. It signals the earth is at the midpoint in its journey around the sun. There are many different ways to celebrate but I tend to spend as much time outside as possible.

School Trips

It was a busy month for my youngest too. As he heads towards starting secondary school, these final few weeks are always jammed packed with lots to do. This included a final residential to Norfolk. The last time he stayed away with the school was 2 years ago when he was 8 and I worried he’d be homesick. No such worries this time. They had a blast and the general consensus is that paddle boarding is the best.

green fingers - june

Green Fingers

Who knew that once you started planning and planting a garden you’d become addicted to it. Or is that just me? I’ve worked at a plant nursery for the past 4 years but never really taken the time to plant up my own but now I’ve started I can’t stop! New blog on its way I think!!!

How do you remember June?

13 thoughts on “Simply Remember: June

  1. Love a round up post. Sounds like a great month for you.

    I’ve just done my monthly round up and included year 6 residential trip, my sons was to Cornwall, and then another trip to the beach.

    I’m really looking forward to the summer now x

  2. Wow your sons trip to Norfolk sounds fab!! What a great school trip for sure, I bet he loved it xx

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