Simply Remember: April

April. Another month down as we head on through the year. Spring really is around with the blossom on the trees and the bluebells in the woods. We have a beautiful bluebell wood near us that we are yet to visit this year (car troubles).

This month has been a month of many things from stresses to triumph. I find these early months of the year are some of the most stressful, not really sure why, but as soon as we hit May, things seem to ease a bit, the weather improves and everyone around seems just that little bit happier.

So what’s been happening in April…


master herbalist

I have been studying to become a Master Herbalist for the past couple of years and I finally managed to finish the course. Herbalism is part of my long term sustainable simple living plan. I studied this course to improve my personal knowledge to help myself and my family. I will continue my learning in this area in a hope to be able to share more information with others to care for themselves in a more natural and holistic way.


car failed mot

My car finally decided that after nearly 2 years of being in our family, she had had enough and needed a rest. We live in the middle of the countryside and since the public transport in the UK has been pulled back to the bare minimum, we have no way of moving around unless we have four wheels. Luckily, I have an amazing mother and father in law, but at the moment we are still on the search for a new set of wheels.


audiobook listening

Last month I read loads, this month I have been listening. Not books but podcasts. I love to multitask and find listening to podcasts whilst I work not only keeps me motivated but also aids my quest for more knowledge. I love listening to informative podcasts on subjects that I’m interested in and others that I have very little knowledge of. This past month I have been listening to:

Simple by Tsh

The Mom Hour by Meegan and Sarah

Simple Families Podcast by Denaye

The Essential Oil Revolution by Samantha

I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts so please let me know your favourite ones in the comments below.


essential oils

Along with completing my Master Herbalist course, I am exploring new courses to study in Essential Oils and Environmental Studies. Seeing what an impact Greta and other children have had on the campaign for climate change, I want to find out more so I can do more. Everyone really can make a huge difference in their own way. We all need to take the first step to help leave a legacy and a planet for our children.


Our two kittens turned 6 months old at the end of the month. They have really come into their own. Considering the start they had (abandoned at the side of a busy road), they act as if they’ve always been part of our family. Next step is the great outdoors (once they’ve been done!)

How was your April?

What see other months?

Simply Remember March

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17 comments on “Simply Remember: April

  • Jenni , Direct link to comment

    April has been a bit of a mixed month for us. We enjoyed some fun outings during the Easter holidays, and a beautiful Easter weekend. But then my son and I both came down with tonsillitis. He bounced back after a couple of days but I was really ill for a week. Here’s hoping for a better May!

  • Talya , Direct link to comment

    How exciting! My friend is a master herbalist so it’s great to hear you have just completed the course good luck going forward!

    • Kizzy , Direct link to comment

      Yes, I’m hoping as we head into the nicer weather things may slow down a bit too.

  • Lucy Mackcracken , Direct link to comment

    April has been jam packed for us with lots of family days out and a holiday to Cornwall. We were very lucky to get some great weather in April, hope you enjoyed the sun too. Hope you get to see the bluebells soon.

    • Kizzy , Direct link to comment

      Picked up the new to me car yesterday so I’m hoping to head over there this Monday. Thanks for stopping by

  • Kelly , Direct link to comment

    It doesn’t seem fair how quickly this year is flying by. It’s May already.! I do like these types of post they are great way for reflection. Congratulations on finishing your course. It’s amazing.

    • Kizzy , Direct link to comment

      Thanks, hoping to finish one aromatherapy course this month before I start the next!

  • Playdays and Runways , Direct link to comment

    I’ve just started listening to Podcasts too. I’m really liking them

    • Kizzy , Direct link to comment

      They’re great aren’t they and there are some really interesting ones out there too.

  • Zoe , Direct link to comment

    We’ve had a good month, a few spontaneous outings, which is always nice. I’m slowly starting to get into podcasts. I’ll check out your recommendations.

  • Frankie , Direct link to comment

    That must be so interesting learning to be a herbalist and well done for finishing the course.

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