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Happy Easter.

Here is the first of my new series where I share some of my finds from the week. There will be a mix of posts to include food, sustainability, gardening, aromatherapy and hebalism.

I love reading these posts on other blogs as it usually leads me to a new site I may never have seen otherwise!

On simple finds check out Laura and The Mindful Mom Blographer's take on Eco-anxiety and guilt #sustainability #environment #mindfulness

Eco-Anxiety and Guilt

Climate change and sustainability, words are important to me but to some, it may make them feel worried or sick. It does me too, especially when you see documentaries like Sir David Attenborough’s from the past week. This is called eco-anxiety and guilt. Laura at The Mindful Mom Blographer shares her take on this topic and helps us to come up with ideas of how to cope and change the way we feel.

Simple finds - how to stay plastic free this party season with The Zero Waste Chef

Plastic Free Parties

As the weather is starting to turn more summery, holding get-togethers and attending parties may be on the horizon. Usually, this can be a hard time of year to stay plastic-free with all the disposable party wear available. But Ann Marie at Zero Waste Chef shares how she has avoided this and it has a lot to do with planning ahead. From the end of school year celebrations to charity bake sales, there are plastic free solutions for everyone.

Simple Project

If you are looking for something small and quick to create this bank holiday weekend, one of my favourite blogs has a beautiful small woven bag you can make. Erin of Reading my Tea Leaves shared this project. It’s perfect for collecting small pieces of nature whilst out on a walk or for storing small pieces of fabric for a future project.

Simple Finds - this vegan rack of lamb is perfect for Easter and looks jjust like the real thing from Gourmandelle

No Meat Easter

There are so many different recipe ideas now for vegan and vegetarian’s that is can be difficult to choose. So if you are looking for a meat-free Easter recipe, this tasty looking Vegan Rack of Lamb from Ruxandra at Gourmandelle is perfect.

Simple finds, gluten-free, vegan summer on a plate dessert from Rebel Recipes

Sweet Treat

Keeping with the vegan theme, but this time also adding in my love of herbs and a gluten-free element, I found the perfect dessert recipe. Lemon’s are such a summery fruit, from their colour to their flavour and add to this thyme, oh my, summer on a plate. Niki at Rebel Recipes has created just such a dessert in both tart and mousse form with here Lemon Curd and Thyme Tart. Citrus heaven.

Simple Finds Easter Edit, roundup of posts from around the web that inspire...
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18 comments on “Simple Finds Easter Edit

  • Suzy McCullough , Direct link to comment

    What lovely and interesting sounding finds. There really is something for everyone to read out in the blogging world. The lemon tart looks and sounds delicious

  • David Taylor , Direct link to comment

    I’ve banned one use plastic at home and in my cafe. Happy to say that Manchester are making it compulsory for all soon.

  • Zena's Suitcase , Direct link to comment

    The Lemon and Thyme tart sounds really delicious! I love the idea of the basket too, I wish I’d have seen that before the weekend started

  • fashionandstylepolice , Direct link to comment

    Great ideas here to keep busy. Thanks for sharing them. I like the basket idea.

  • Lauretta at Home and Horizon , Direct link to comment

    The Vegar Rack of Lamb got me really interested. I’m fascinated how these vegan recipe could imitate almost if not the real taste of the meat.

  • Lewis | Lewisherelewisthere , Direct link to comment

    There’s some great articles here. I’ve been trying to go as plastic free as possible recently and making an effort to cut down on waste. But I could never go vegan. I love meat, eggs and milk too much.

    • Kizzy , Direct link to comment

      Me too although I do love to try and cut down on these products as often as I can

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