Sustainable Living – My Action Plan

There has been a huge shift in the number of people exploring sustainable living in the world. This is amazing but can also be confusing. We are told one thing, then another contradicts that theory and so on until we’re not sure what to believe. Although there is a mountain of amazing information out there, where should we begin?

I started my intentional change in 2015, created a blog to share my story and then put that on the back burner as I didn’t feel I had the energy or the time to contribute something that would actually make a difference in such an ever-growing arena.

Just because I didn’t write about it or share my thoughts didn’t mean that I stopped living intentionally, it just meant I did it in private as many of us do.

So why the sudden change and the restart of a new blog?

I still don’t know half as much as others, but that doesn’t matter. With this life, we all can do something to make a difference. Although we may feel we aren’t making an impact upon the world in a big way, if everyone takes little steps, all of these will build up and create a lasting effect for not just our generation, but for many generations to come.

This space is for me to share the knowledge I have gained, the steps I am taking to live a sustainable and intentional lifestyle and to encourage others to as well.

To start this journey, I thought the best way was to create an action plan for the rest of the year so you can see what is to come from this blog and my social media presence…

Sustainable Living Plan 2019

Researching how to live a more sustainable lifestyle


You never stop learning in life, especially when you are trying to change the way you think about the world around you. Research is such an important part of learning, so this year I will be researching lots of different areas from ethical brands to waste reduction and intentional living.

Currently, I am learning about herbalism and aromatherapy. This is an area I have learnt before but stopped whilst other aspects of my life took over. Now is the right time to restart this with the aim of growing and creating a medicinal natural first aid garden for me and my family.


Continue to learn through research, courses and trying out different remedies and sharing my findings with you. Trial and error will play a big part in this area of my sustainable living journey, so I will be completely honest with you about what I find in a hope that it will help you to discover what might work for you too.

Asking important questions of those pertaining to offer sustainable options to make sure that what they are saying is 100% true and not just to join on this bandwagon to increase their bottom line. It can be so easy to take these things at face value but we all need to ask more questions in every aspect of our lives as not everything is as we are told.

reduce waste by reusing reusable products where you can

Waste Reduction

Becoming zero waste would be a dream come true but in reality, there is no way at the moment that this is going to happen in this house. There are many reasons why it won’t be happening just yet (a post for another day) but that doesn’t mean we can’t reduce the amount of waste we are currently producing.


To watch what I buy and try in every possible situation to purchase things not wrapped in plastic, buy reusable where possible and recycle anything I cannot reuse.

Consume less. I have noticed over the past few years our consumption of soft drinks, convenience food and single-use items has increased, partly due to ease but also due to the way companies promote and display these items. My goal for the end of this year is to cut right back and not buy as much of these items when we are out and about by creating more snacks to take out with us.

Grow more yourself

Grow More

It has always been my dream to grow veg and fruit in our garden but as it is a rented property I have never really found a solution to this. Allotments are in short supply where we live so this hasn’t been an option either. This year I may have found a solution so I plan to grow some of the fresh produce and herbs etc for our health in our garden.


Research is going to be key in this area. I currently work in a garden centre and have an amazing boss who is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to plants but there are still some areas, such as the herbal remedies I want to create that I will need to read more about

Planning is another area I need to consider. It’s not as simple as popping some seeds in the ground, watering and then harvesting. Knowing the growing seasons, the soil condition and the area these plants like to be in all need to be planned out and considered.

improve your nutrition by watching what you eat


What we eat is as important as what we think and what we do to our bodies. Making conscious choices about the food and drink my family and I eat is an area that I am determined to get under control as I head towards 40.

This is partly linked to growing my own but also I need to think about the bigger picture too and how what we eat has a bigger effect on the world around us.


Growing and cooking more food from scratch will reduce our waste production, improve our health and reduce the impact on the environment around us.

Reducing the amount of meat we eat each week is an area I want to explore more. Until recently I hadn’t thought about how the ways in which we farm have added to the strain our environment is already under. We currently tend to have meat or fish every night but through cutting out at least one if not more each week, this would reduce it considerably.

Energy efficency

Energy Efficiency

This one is an area that I am very passionate about and not just for the environment. My purse feels this every year our energy bills go up. Having three kids means there are lots of electronics charging or switched on, especially when they are on holiday. So finding a way to reduce this will not only make the environment happy but my bank balance smile too!

We already do the usual things like switching off lights we aren’t using and turning TV’s etc off standby but I am sure there is so much more we can be doing.


Research (we’ve been here before haven’t we?) ways I can change over to more energy-efficient methods of heating our home, electronics we use and any other way we can reduce our carbon footprint.

Get the kids on board and taking responsibility for their own items.

Do you have an action plan for a sustainable lifestyle?

If not what is one thing you can do to help improve the sustainability of your lifestyle?

create your own sustainable lifestyle plan
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19 comments on “Sustainable Living – My Action Plan

  • Kara , Direct link to comment

    We have a water butt and recycle as much as we can. We are growing tomatoes and strawberries this year too

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      Fantastic, we grew strawberries and tomatoes last year too, hoping to add a few more this year

  • Charlotte - Mama Makes Do , Direct link to comment

    I’m making a conscious effort to reduce our food waste – all veggie scraps get saved for stock. We’ve also replaced using clingfilm with wax wraps.

  • Lyndsey O'Halloran , Direct link to comment

    I keep meaning to get a water butt, especially after how dry last summer was! We do recycle a lot though so we try.

  • Marie , Direct link to comment

    Such an interesting post. I’m making a conscious effort to avoid waste, cutting back on the amount I buy as I was finding things wouldn’t get eaten. I’m also trying to recycle much more.

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      Thank you, it is sometimes just as simple as thinking about what we are doing that can make a huge impact. Conscious choices are so important.

  • Jenni , Direct link to comment

    Reducing waste is such a big one, but it’s near to impossible to avoid plastic packaging. Supermarkets seem to have everything individually wrapped, it’s really frustrating.

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      I know I do try to buy the loose fruit and veg so I don’t have to buy the packaging as well.

  • Jon , Direct link to comment

    I would LOVE to be able to do something like this. It’s great you are doing a load of research as a lot of people I think go head first into sustainable living without realising what it’s really like.

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      Thanks I would rather know what is going to help the most than to rush into something that might make things worse in the long run

  • Sabina Green , Direct link to comment

    This is wonderful. I think we are all starting to take more notice in our planet and what we have been doing to it. As you say Zero Waste would be amazing, so we should all be taking little steps to make big changes.

  • Melanie williams , Direct link to comment

    Love this!! We are always making an effort to reduce waste in our household, so anything that helps to promote this gets a big thumbs up xx

  • Wendy , Direct link to comment

    What a plan!! I really want to be more sustainable but it is really hard when you have young kids but I’m trying. Saving this post to refer back to as you’ve covered so much xx

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