Create a morning routine that works for you

Simple Mornings – Create a routine that works for YOU

This time of year always makes me appreciate the time we have. The mornings are lighter, giving us more time each day to get things done.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the getting things done that we forget to enjoy the time we have to ourselves, the time we spend with family and friends and the time we have to accomplish the jobs each day brings.

One way I’m finding I am making more time to spend with those I love and for myself is to start each day off well and with intention. I have always been a morning person, I just can’t lay around in bed when the day is calling me. Yet I waste those first few hours by checking up on social media or watching TV. Not setting myself up for a good day ahead.

Simple mornings

So, I started to create a morning routine that worked for me. It helped me get my head straight and focused on what I want to achieve. It has also allowed me to fit in some of the things I love doing for myself but never had the time to do.

Morning routines - how to create one that works for you

How I created my routine?

Firstly, I sat down and thought about what I enjoyed. Then what I need to do to make sure each morning went the way it should. I wrote a list of these things down in two columns. One side titled Need and the other Nurture.

Then I made sure that I would have enough time to do these things. I usually get up around 5, this hasn’t really been intentional. It is just when my body decides that I should start the day. I do go to bed at a reasonable time, around 10 so I get a good nights sleep.

Once I’m up, I make a drink of lemon water and write for the first half-hour. It is a blog post or something for myself. I’ll listen to a podcast, either something for leisure or something to grow my mind.

I’ll have breakfast, usually a smoothie or a shake as I’m not always hungry at this time of the day but I know I need to eat.

Then the kids tend to get up and the morning routine changes into theirs.

To find a routine that will work for you, I suggest you make a list. Choose a few things to do each morning, alternating for the first few weeks to see what works for you. Maybe you want to do something different every day or like me stick to the same things. Whatever you choose, make sure it is leaving you ready for the day ahead with a clear, focused mind. You’ll get so much more from each day this way.

I look forward to hearing about your simple mornings…

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26 comments on “Simple Mornings – Create a routine that works for YOU

  • Fran Back With A Bump , Direct link to comment

    Simple mornings for me are all about organisation. If it’s a day where i’m in the office I get everything prepped the night before, clothes, food for work, breakfast etc and it makes everything so much less stressful!

  • Sabina Green , Direct link to comment

    This sounds really lovely. I love the idea of getting up and just doing something nice for me before the kids get up and chaos begins.

  • Sonia , Direct link to comment

    I always used to get up and work out before the kids got up but I started getting lazy and going running in an evening instead. I did used to love that quiet before the chaos of the kids getting up kicked off.

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      The mornings things don’t go to plan are usually the mornings I’m not up before the kids!

  • Lynndee , Direct link to comment

    So good to know that you found a routine that works for you. Same here, and mine’s pretty simple as well. Up at 6:30, prepare my son’s breakfast, have my cup of coffee then it’s work time. 🙂

  • Laura Haley , Direct link to comment

    I am not a morning person but I so badly want to be. I work shifts which doesn’t help, I think I need to create a routine for myself.

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      Shifts aren’t great but maybe just finding one thing that helps and starting off with that might help.

  • Melanie williams , Direct link to comment

    I am a morning person so this is me for sure. I love a routine and self care is super important xx

  • Carolyn , Direct link to comment

    Love the idea of creating a morning routine! I have lots of coffee in the morning, but should definitely try lemon water!
    xoxo Carolyn @

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      I also have coffee after my lemon water, couldn’t function properly without it

  • Silvia , Direct link to comment

    I really enjoyed reading about your routine- and wow, is 5:00 AM early! I normally wake up around 7:00, and also take about 30 min to just slowly get into my groove, read something light or work on my blog. Then I enjoy my morning latte and a quick & easy breakfast (like overnight oatmeal for example), and I feel much more motivated and ready for the day 🙂

    Silvia @ MyStyle5

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      Sounds like a perfect morning to me, I keep meaning to try out overnight oats but I’m not very organised in the evenings!!!

  • Nene , Direct link to comment

    Simple mornings for me are all about the house being clean and organized. I have to make my bed each morning before doing anything else. I’m glad you found what works for you.

  • Michelle Kellogg , Direct link to comment

    I have a nice morning routine for myself too but I like the idea of a smoothie in the morning. I am never hungry that time of day either but haven’t thought to drink a smoothie. I like this. I will have to try it.

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      I know, food in the mornings isn’t what I need but a smoothie seems to fit in well and helps with my 5 a day!

    • admin , Direct link to comment

      It’s far from magic and this routine is only the good days one!! It takes a bit of time to start it off but it is so worth it in the end.

  • Nadia , Direct link to comment

    I definitely wish to create a better morning routine. This was great inspiration

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