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Time, one of the few things we cannot control. As the saying goes, we think we have all the time in the world but it takes one moment to make us realise that time is such a precious thing, we shouldn’t take it for granted.

Here is my wake up call…

Standing at the bottom of the drive watching my son off to his prom and it hits me.

That’s it.

He’s finished school.


Sixteen years.


Sixteen - Time


Where has the time gone?

There are times when we are in the throes of parenthood that seem to last forever. Those early days with your first-born, tired and overwhelmed where a day can seem like a week. Then there’s their first day at nursery or preschool and then school. We sit willing the hands on the clock to go that little bit faster so we can hear all about their adventure away from our watchful eyes.

Then there are times when those hands seem to turn ten times faster, making hours feel like seconds.


How can my baby be leaving school?


Where have those 16 years gone?

Ever thought about how many summers we get as a full family? Eighteen.

What about how many meals we as parents make? 20,000

All those hours we sit in the car, ferrying our children to classes and friends, thinking about how little time we have to watch something on TV, they’ll soon go, leaving us with all the time we need to watch a whole box set of Orange is the New Black.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the struggle of day-to-day living, but when moments like last weekend hit home, it makes you realise how quickly those parenting years pass by.

Now is the time to take stock of our children, nurture them, be present and enjoy them. Time is slipping by and with it goes those precious moments you missed wishing they’d not signed up for that football tournament.

Summer holidays are upon us. Carve out family time, make memories that will last a lifetime as before you know it they’ll be making them without you.


Create Family Time and Curate Memories

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