Time to slow down

Time to Slow Down
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You may be wondering what I am on about. Time to Slow Down. How can I do that at this time of the year?

With the festive period fast approaching, now is a good time to start to slow down.

I can already hear you shouting, “What, are you mad?” and no I’m not. For many of us, the stresses of the many demands we put on ourselves and what others expect can leave us frazzled by the time the big day arrives. This can leave us too tired to actually enjoy our families and friends.


Time to Slow Down this festive season


With this in mind,


Are there any area’s in your life that you can slow down or stop straight away?


Do you really need to be on social media so often?

Can you get your shopping delivered instead of going to the store?

Is there one commitment that you have that you could stop for the month of December?

Write a list of the commitments you have.  See which can be removed or cut back.

Other ways you can slow down is to get organised. This is something I really struggle with, but I am hoping that over the coming months, following on from this project, my organisational skills will improve.


Time to Slow Down - Organisation


Most of the stress in my life is from being unorganised.


Take for example a typical morning at our house. If the children put their shoes together and in one place, we wouldn’t spend the last ten minutes before we leave the house looking for the one that got away.

Part of the reason behind this post is to find time for you, to do something that you want even if it is just reading a book or taking an uninterrupted bath. I recently read this article and it really resonated with me and the reasons why I chose to start this project.

Now is the perfect time to start to slow down. The festive season is about spending quality time with those we love and making memories. Something we can’t do if we overcommit.

Make this festive season the best yet by slowing life down.



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