The green fingers plan

The Green Fingers Plan - Grow Your Own
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I don’t really have green fingers.
I look out of our kitchen window and just beyond the conservatory is our back garden and my heart sinks. There is so much potential to this space but over the past fifteen years that we’ve lived here, it’s been overlooked and neglected. This is down to the fact that we’ve just not had the time or the knowledge to really know what to do with it.
This year, it’s all going to change.

Green Fingers

Grow Ypur Own
Since I started helping out at a local nursery last year, my plant knowledge has grown slightly. I’ve got the basics but I need to read more/ For me, nothing beats actually getting my hands dirty. This year I am going to literally get them dirty and share with you what I learn along the way.
I’m just starting my planning. I need to sort out what is in the garden and sketch out what I want to grow and where. To start with I want to create some raised beds. I’d also like to look into reusing everyday items as growing containers.
I also want to attract more wildlife into our garden too, so I will be looking at growing a wildflower area so butterflies and bees will visit, helping the plants that are growing as well as adding new life to the area. Birds do visit and I’ve just brought a new feeding station, so I hope to share some of these visitors on here too.
I really don’t think you can beat growing your own food, I just need to start!
If any of you green-fingered readers have any tips, ideas or suggestions on what has worked best for you, I’d love to hear them by either commenting below or sending an email. Look forward to reading them.

The Green Fingers Plan

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