Stay sane during the festive season

Stay Sane During The Festive Season - Simply Kizzy
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I can hear you shouting at the screen, “Stay sane during the festive season” but it is possible.

We all have commitments that we have to honour in the run-up to the big day. School events, work assignments and family celebrations. Here are a few steps you can take to help cut your stress levels and reduce the risk of burn out.

So here’s my guide to stay sane during the festive season

Get ahead

I tend to leave everything till the last minute. That’s just how I work best. Yet when it comes to the Christmas rush, getting ahead really does help me stay sane. Buying gifts from local businesses help reduce the cost of postage. It also helps small businesses survive and adds to the local economy. I also try to buy food locally at this time of year. You know where it’s come from and usually how it’s been produced. For everyday routine, make sure you have everything ready for your family the night before.  On the morning, you won’t be running around trying to find missing shoes or pack lunches. Grab a planner and write down everything. Use one colour for this and everything you’d like to do in another. Then when you find you have some spare time, pick something from the like to do list and do it, even if its watch your favourite program.

Learn to say NO

This is a really important one and one which I have learnt the hard way. You need to learn to know your limits and say NO when you have not got the time to fit it in. As much as it is nice to go to everything people invite you too if you find it is getting too much, apologies and arrange something for in the new year.

Look after yourself

You need to be fit and healthy to keep on top of everything and if you do not look after yourself, who will? Schedule in time to spend at least 10 minutes doing something you enjoy, whether it’s reading a chapter in a book, watching a TV program or having time out to meditate and reflect, this will all help you stay sane. You also need to make sure you eat healthily and regularly and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. This is one area I need to work on and I am hoping that this new approach to life will help me keep on top of this.

Can you add anything to this list to help us stay sane during one of the busiest months of the year?

Stay sane during the festive season

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