Plogging – The Latest Scandi Craze

Plogging - the new scandi craze
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Wondering what the latest Scandi craze will be to hit the British shores? Well, let me tell you, Plogging.

We, as a nation, seem a bit obsessed with what our Scandinavian friends are in to. First, it was Hygge, then Lagome (this one passed me by but whilst researching this post, it seemed to come up a lot) and now Plogging.





What is Plogging?


Plogging is a mix of jogging and picking up litter. The word plogging comes from joining plucking and jogging together.

Founded by Erik Ahlstrom, Plogga it started in Stockholm to create a force for good within its group of runners. It was first mentioned in 2016 and has since taken over in Sweden and spread across Europe to France and now the UK.

Groups of runners get together, armed with plastic bags and gloves to pick up any litter they see on their route. Once their bags are full, they place them in a proper recycling container and carry on.

Not only does plogging help you keep fit and healthy but it also helps our environment and nourishes our souls.

With plastic waste highlighted everywhere, doing our bit alongside engaging in a healthy activity is perfect.


Plogging - the lastest scandi craze


Where can I find a Plogging group?


There are many groups around the UK from London to Edinburgh. The best place to find groups that are already established is to look at the Twitter account PloggingUK or search on Instagram using the hashtag #plogging

If you can’t find one near you, why not create your own posse of plastic warriors on your running route?

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